The book that I have been reading throughout the term is the most fascinating book that I have ever known, called “Frankenstein”. This book has many years of history carried by different people around the world. These characters Victor Frankenstein, The monster, Victor’s father, Victor’s brother, William Elizabeth and Henry Clerval are the most important.

This book has transported me to different fascinating and terrifying places such as Victor Frankenstein’s laboratory, the forest, Victor’s house or the place where the killer monster has innocent people.

This wonderful story happens at the end of the nineteenth century since it takes place in a short period of time in which all the characters die.

First of all, I wanted to mention that the conflict in this story is the resurrection of the murder, also called the monster.

This book has an index which has helped me a lot to read it. A part form this, it has a recommended bibliography and besides I have another book that I would like to read.

Finally, I think that the author, Mary Shelley has made a lot of use out of the book since it is extraordinary.


David. T. 5th grade