After 3 months indoor, I finally played with children.

I went out with my cousins, we played a lot of games!

We put little boats in a small river. We played in a palm plantation. We played Tarzan, we build a cave and we did a trap. At last, we had an icecream.

It was the best day in 3 months. I cried when they went home.

Eia-Liv, 5th grade.


Claudia is sweet and beautiful. And with everyone careful.

She is very enjoyable and perhaps too responsible.

She is afraid of failure and doesn’t think too much about the future.


Darío P. 5th grade.


On Friday night, March 27, I saw a video with my family, since we could not leave the house due to the coronavirus.

This video was from “EL CIRCO DEL SOL” and was broadcast outdoors as a special. At first it was a little boring since there was no funny scene. As the show progressed, a man came out who was very good at juggling and did all kinds of stunts with them.

Then some acrobats who jumped on an elastic net and reached a height of about 4 or 5 meters and made characters like a fish or superman. His music was very expressive and his costumes spectacular with a great imagination and color, based on the time of the first inventions such as the light bulb, the train, etc.

Finally there was a mime that expressed with the body different animals, such as the dove and the cat, it was very funny and expressive. In general I really liked the costumes and music as I said before and the staging.

David T. 5th grade.

Valentino’s daily routine

During these days, staying at home, we made a timetable because my family and I need to be organized.

I need time to study, play football, use technology, see movies, have a shower, play with my sister Victoria and help my parents with homemade.

So, the first step was to make a list with all the things I wanted to do and then my mother organized how to do them.

This is my timetable:

clean my room clean my room clean my room clean my room clean my room
Homework Homework Homework Homework Homework
sweep the terrace help mom cook sweep the terrace help mom cook sweep the terrace
eat eat eat eat eat
technology time technology time technology time technology time technology time
read a book read a book read a book read a book read a book
free time free time free time  free time free time
Football free time football free time football
have a shower have a shower have a shower have a shower have a shower
movie movie movie movie movie
dinner dinner dinner dinner pizza party!


Valentino and his sister Victoria reading a book.

Valentino 5th grade

Las curiosidades del Antiguo Egipto

Desde el área de Valores Sociales y Cívicos os propusimos compartir aprendizajes con vuestros compañeros. En este caso, Gloria y David han estado trabajando juntos y han llevado a cabo una investigación sobre el Antiguo Egipto, tema que apasiona a ambos.

A continuación os mostramos parte del trabajo que han llevado a cabo durante este tiempo.

¡Enhorabuena por el resultado!

Seguimos compartiendo con nuestros compañeros

Los alumnos de 5º de primaria siguen compartiendo momentos con sus compañeros. En este caso Emma, Carla, Carmen. C y Olivia estuvieron disfrutando de un tarde juntas realizando diferentes propuestas.

Carla les enseñó a hacer un pez de papel mediante la técnica de origami y Emma les enseñó a hacer unas preciosas rosas de fondant.

¡Buen trabajo chicas! Gracias por compartirlo con nosotros.


Durante este tiempo de confinamiento los alumnos de 5º ep han estado descubriendo la disciplina del yoga para cuidar y mantener el cuerpo y la mente en forma. Gracias a esta práctica ganamos fuerza, flexibilidad, equilibrio, control postural, conciencia corporal, trabajamos la respiración y mejoramos nuestra atención y concentración.

Alba y su madre lo hacen genial. ¡Enhorabuena!

El recuerdo de José

Mirad bien la imagen…

¿qué podéis ver?, ¿identificáis a vuestros compañeros?, ¿cuántos años pensáis que tiene?. José ha querido compartir con nosotros su primer día en Gençana.

En la fotografía aparece sentado en el jardín de la escuela junto con su amigo Pablo T.

¡Muchas gracias José!


During this confinement, I had played ping-pong a lot with my father.

First, we had a small table that it was a football table with something on. Then, we bought a true ping-pong table. To play, you only need a place straight and smooth, a net and two rackets and a ball to play; is necessary part of the table.

The rules can change. Depend whose you play and if you play with family or in a tournament.

Our rules were:

  1. Each game consists in 11 points.
  2. Any time that the players make five points, they change.
  3. The ball has to bounce in the other part of the net only one time. If the ball bounce outside the table, it is a point for the other player.

I had a lot of fun with my father and I had improved a lot. I want to play with some of my friends.

Adrián. B 5th grade