El día 25 de febrero de 2.021 fuimos al espectáculo de clásicos excéntricos, en la sala l’horta de Valencia.

Una vez llegamos al teatro nos acomodaron en nuestro asientos, manteniendo la distancia de seguridad.  El espectáculo iba sobre tres músicos, dos de ellos hermanos, que tocaban piezas de música clásica con instrumentos de la vida cotidiana, a los que ellos llamaban instrumentos insólitos como: la Bocicleta Perifónica, el Serrucho Tenor, el Vidriolín Copodivarius, el Destilarmonium Percutente en Do para Tres o El Campanófono Sostenente de Cola.

Fue un espectáculo que combinaba clown y música en directo, el escenario estaba muy bien ambientado y lo pasamos genial.

El final fue muy divertido, ya que, tocaron música rock y todos nos pusimos a bailar.

José A. y Marc O. 6º E.P.


Luciano Pavarotti was from Italy. At first, he wanted to be a football player, but he was also a wonderful singer.

As a young boy, he listened to famous singers on the radio. When he grew up, he worked as a teacher. He had singing lessons when he wasn’t at school. In 1963, he went to London to sing in an Opera because another singer was ill. Soon he was a big star. He sang in a concert because the football world Cup in Italy. Millions of people watched the concert on TV and then bought his CDs.

Pavarotti died when he was 71 years old. People still listen to his CDs and loving his beautiful singing.

Carmen M. 5th grade.


Last Sunday I went with my friends Alvaro and Carlos to a concert of Rock in “La Rambleta”.

I went with my father because he likes the Rock very much. It was very interesting. All the people were shouting.

First there was an explanation of the history of the band.

The two bands that were playing were a tribute of “Metallica” and “Iron Maiden”. I didn’t know many songs of them but I learnt a lot.

My friends had a good time.

At the end we went to a restaurant to eat. It was a friend’s restaurant and I ate lovely croquettes.

Adrián B.