Breeding cats

My mum’s cousin, named Inma is breeding cats in her home. She has a room only for the cats. On March 4th, there were born baby cats, now they are one month old. An association called “Més que gats” took them to Inma’s house, so the cats can be healthier.

They eat mother’s milk, and Inma is helping her with 2 feeding bottles per day. The mother is very hungry because she has baby cats.

Before they leave Inma’s house, the cats have to learn how to use the toy for the claws, and drink water and eat artificial food, to use the sandbox.

Every day, the mother cleans the babies, and now, Inma has given a medicine for parasites.

Now, in her home, there are 8 cats: Her normal cats, the mother and the babies.

I love cats!

Gloria. C. 5th grade student.