Memories by María C.


On 27th of February 2020, 5th and 6th grade had a meeting with this book writer. Joan Manuel told us about his life and his books. Then, he asked us several questions, to those who answered well he gave them a little detail.


Joan Manuel Gisbert was born in Barcelona on October 16th, 1949. Although, he was always interested in literature and arts, the early death of his father pushed him to start a career in electronic engineering. In addition, to his work as a writer, Gisbert teaches narrative courses and is an editorial consultant and screenwriter.

Some of his books are:

  • El secreto del lago subterráneo
  • El secreto del hombre muerto
  • El viaje secreto
  • Noa, la joven fantasma
  • Orión y el libro de maravillas
  • La feria de la noche eterna

We learnet and enjoyed a lot this meeting.

María C., 5th grade.