The enormous crocodile by Roald Dahl

On of the books that I have read during this term is The enormous crocodile, the author is Roald Dahl and its publisher is Penguin Books.

  1. Plot

My book is about the enormous crocodile of Roald Lake. The main character is the crocodile. The story takes place first in a river in Africa. Then, in a jungle and finally in a town.

The crocodile lives in the river and it wants to eat children, so it went first to the jungle, where he found other animals like a hippo, an elephant, a monkey and a bird, but the animals presented that he could eat children in town.

  1. Personal opinion

The enormous crocodile didn’t have a table of contents. The book has a recommended bibliography and I took notes of other books that I would like to read. I recommended it to my classmates.

The last part of the book was when the other animals help the children and the less part was when the crocodile chase kids.

By Valentino. B