On Friday night, March 27, I saw a video with my family, since we could not leave the house due to the coronavirus.

This video was from “EL CIRCO DEL SOL” and was broadcast outdoors as a special. At first it was a little boring since there was no funny scene. As the show progressed, a man came out who was very good at juggling and did all kinds of stunts with them.

Then some acrobats who jumped on an elastic net and reached a height of about 4 or 5 meters and made characters like a fish or superman. His music was very expressive and his costumes spectacular with a great imagination and color, based on the time of the first inventions such as the light bulb, the train, etc.

Finally there was a mime that expressed with the body different animals, such as the dove and the cat, it was very funny and expressive. In general I really liked the costumes and music as I said before and the staging.

David T. 5th grade.