This year, as we have not been able to do the mathematical Olympics at the school because of the coronavirus, so we have done them from home.

At the Olympics, we have competed the following courses:

  • From 5º grade to fourth year of high school


In the mathematical Olympics you can participated in two different modalities:

  • As a team
  • Individually


I participated in both of them.

  • In the individual mode, I have solved six problems in a short video.
  • In the team mode, I have solved 10 problems in a paper with Alba. B, Alba. D, Olivia and Eva. Everyone has resolved two problems, and we have sent them to Alba´s mother.


In the individual mode, there are two prices, and in the team mode there are only one. Yesterday the teachers said who had won, and I won the individual mode with Jose, and in the team mode won Moses, Dario, Adrian and Pablo.

Carla M. 5th grade