The route of the mills

Last 5th of April of 2021 I went to a route named: “the route of the mills” next to Alborache, in a kind of forest.

I went to the route with my aunts, uncles, cousins and my mother, father and brother.

The bad thing was that there was a huge crown of people, and a lot of traffic.

We went in the morning. The route was a way next to a river, with old mills that you can see the way on.

There was 6 points, each one marked with a mill, and it wasn’t a circular route, when you finished, you had to go to the starting point.

It was so long and noisy, because the people around but the views where breathtaking.

Also, there was nature all around the way, fishes in the water and, obviously, people.

By the road, we made photos, we lunched and we walked.

I recommend this route to the people that like short ways and want to pass some time with the family.

I spent a great time outdoors!

Olivia, 6th grade.