During this confinement, I had played ping-pong a lot with my father.

First, we had a small table that it was a football table with something on. Then, we bought a true ping-pong table. To play, you only need a place straight and smooth, a net and two rackets and a ball to play; is necessary part of the table.

The rules can change. Depend whose you play and if you play with family or in a tournament.

Our rules were:

  1. Each game consists in 11 points.
  2. Any time that the players make five points, they change.
  3. The ball has to bounce in the other part of the net only one time. If the ball bounce outside the table, it is a point for the other player.

I had a lot of fun with my father and I had improved a lot. I want to play with some of my friends.

Adrián. B 5th grade