The magic finger by Road Dahl

Book Report

The story is about a girl who have a magic finger that can make everything. She was next to the farm of the Greg’s family (Friends). First she put the magic finger in others occasions, but one day, she put the magic finger in the Greg’s family, but later she regretted (main and secondary ideas).



The characters are: The girl who has a magic finger (In the book doesn’t have name), Mr. Greg, Mrs. Greg, William Greg, and Philip Greg (All of them are a family, except the girl who has a magic finger).

I believe that the author’s purpose with the book is to teach that you should not abuse any privilege that you have, in this case, the magic finger, since you may end up regretting what you have done.

I think the main theme of the book is the following: a girl with a magic finger aware of it abuses her power until she ends up regretting one of her actions.

I really liked the book, since I had already read others by the same author (Roald Dahl), and I had all liked them a lot, especially because of how fun they are, just like the one I just read.

It has been very easy for me to read this book, which has a very well explained index, and to my knowledge, there are no spelling errors.

I believe that the interest of the book is fun, which is present in each of the actions of the book.

José A. 5th grade