The Memories of Moominpapa by Tove Jansson.


Title: The Memories of Moominpapa.

Author: Tove Jansson.

Illustrator: Tove Jansson.

Publisher: Sort of books.



Moomintroll, Moominpapa, Joxter, Snufkin, Hodkins, Mybel’s daughter, Snif, Hemulens, and, Moominmama.

  1. PLACES:

The Oshun Oxtra, (a boat), Moomin’s house, a forest, a garden party, the sea.


The book talks about Moominpapa that started writing his memories, and he tell his childish to his son Moomintroll, his wife Moominmama, and to Snif and Snufkin.

It’s very funny and interesting.


Tove Janson (1914-2001) was born in Helsinki, daughter of a sculptor and a graphic designer. She trained as an artist and gained early renown as a painter and cartoonist, but it was the creation of the Moomin books, and series of eight novels for children, that brought her worldwide fame. All her life passed in a little island in the Gulf of Finland, with her life partner, the graphic artist Tuulikki Pietilä.


  • The book talks about, a little village that has a lot of different houses, from different kind of living beings. And it has different parts, the most important of the story, the Moomin valley.

There was a house, named the Moominhouse, where live Moominpapa and Moominmama, with their child Moomintroll and their friends.


One day, Moominpapa gets bored, and started to write his own memories, for everyone know who is him.

So he try to write his book, and every chapter he end, he tell it to his son, and his friends.


It is a fiction story, because, nothing of the story is real.

The story, also, has themes: one of them, the family that helps Moominpapa, to write his memories, also the difficult childish that Moominpapa have to pass, and the friends, that help Moominpapa in every problem of his life.


The characters of the story are more than Moominpapa, there are adults and 3 children, which are Moomintroll, and his friends: Sniff and Snufkin. I like all the characters, but if I have to try one, I’m going to choose the Muddler, because, is so shy and crazy, and has a button collection (it’s so rare but it’s funny).


  • I like this book very much, and I found that there are more. So, I read the 1srt and the 2nd. They are very funny.

Along this time, I have finished all my books, so I said to my father to buy more of the Moomin series. I love the illustrations, and I want to finish all the books and read those 2 or 3 times. I love the book. I have choose a great book for this third term.

Olivia. R. 5th grade.