Athletics is considered the oldest sport in the world. It can be done individually or in groups, it depends on the discipline. It is a sport that is practiced all over the world, because it is very simple and few means are needed. During this pandemic time it has become very fashionable.

This year I am going to athletics at Quart de Poblet club and I am federated. Throughout the year we are practicing many disciplines: sprint race, hurdles race, relay race, athletic walking, long jump, high jump and javelin throw.

All disciplines have a lot of technique, which we gradually learn, although then, it depends on each athlete, because some are better given one discipline and others are good in another one.

There are competitions many weekends. This year I have gone to Valencia River Athletics track and I have competed with teams from Valencia, Moncada, Mislata, etc. The competitions are quite long, because we have to complete all the disciplines and sometimes each test has to be repeated three times.

I’m good at hurdles and javelin. My cousin Carmen is good at sprinting.

During the competitions we have a good time because, when we make the team we meet more children from other clubs.

Atletismo - ABANTU


Claudia V. 6th grade of primary